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Italian Expedition: Mission Complete

After 23 days of travel, adventure and exploration, I’m back from Italy! As you all know, this was my first trip out of the United States. I was excited and anxious; ready and willing. The time finally came and I was off to explore Italy. And let me tell you – Italy lived up to my expectations and more.

In my post My First International Trip, I shared the route I would be taking throughout the country (although our route changed slightly). From Palermo to Milan and cities in between, Italy has so much history and culture to share. So you know what’s next, right? It’s time for me to share everything we experienced. Food, culture, history and people. Every travel and life lesson I learned while abroad, I’ll be sharing with you all. I hope you’re ready for it!

I’ll start with a sneak peek and show you the view of Palermo I had when landing in Sicily. Not being a very travel-experienced person, this view looked like a painting. It didn’t look real and it’s amazing to know that it is. These views don’t come across my vision every day in good ol’ Ohio. It shouldn’t be shocking to you when I say that this view took my breath away. I hope you all have the same reaction I did.

View when landing in Palermo
View when landing in Palermo

I’m really looking forward to sharing with you everything I was able to experience while traveling with my family. I may have been disconnected from my blog for three weeks, but I’m back and ready to jump back into this full force! We’ll be in touch again soon, friends.

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