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America’s past time at it’s finest

Progressive Field, Cleveland, OH

Baseball. Growing up in America attending baseball games are a rite of passage. You go to games with your family, friends, school group and with coworkers for team outings. There’s something about cheering on your home team that brings everyone together.

This is Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians. When I was a kid, the stadium was called Jacob’s Field. After ownership changed, the name changed. You’ll still hear my generation, and generations before mine, call this awesome stadium “The Jake.” My all time favorite Tribe player Kenny Lofton stole many bases in this ballpark!

Many Clevelanders reminisce about the 1990’s Indians, but I got to witness an awesome baseball moment when attending the game almost two weeks ago. (Yes, I’m slacking on sharing this story.) The game went into extra innings and the Tribe was down 3 – 1 in the bottom of the 10th. With two outs, the bases were loaded and Nick Swisher came up to the plate. Two strikes in and the crowd starts to feel the pressure. The pitch flies toward home plate and Swisher knocks the ball out into right field for a walk off grand slam. WOW! You should have heard the crowd go insane. It was an amazing moment.

If you visit an American city that has a baseball team during the season, please go and take in the excitement and fun at the stadium. I swear you won’t regret it. And sometimes, you get to witness a walk off grand slam in the


3 thoughts on “America’s past time at it’s finest

  1. Oh, I love baseball (almost as much as I like cricket). I’m glad to say that I’ve managed to make it to two baseball games – one in Toronto (Blue Jays and Orioles), and one in the Bronx (Blue Jays and Yankees). Does this give you the impression that I’m a Blue Jays fan? 🙂 I almost made it to a third, but didn’t manage to get there in the end. In regards to cricket, I actually have to confess that I’ve never been to a major cricket match yet. But I’m changing that this summer! So, when you make it to Australia, and it happens to be in the summer, I’m challenging you to go and watch a game of cricket. 🙂

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