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Making the leap to Lipari

After we visited Palermo, we took a boat ride over to the island of Lipari. Lipari is the largest of the eight Aeolian Islands. When walking the streets of the island, we came across these maps showing all the islands. I love the wood map that was on some random wall. It would have been great to island hop, but we just didn’t have the time. Even though we couldn’t island hop, we could see some of the other islands from Lipari.

Aeolian Islands Map


Aeolian Islands Map 2


We took the island by foot and walked from one side to the other – literally. If you look at the picture below, you can see buildings up on the ledge. Up there is a church, which I’ll show you soon. We walked all the way around the coast line, through the city and up to the church. It was a long walk, but completely worth it. View of Lipari


One of the highlights of my trip to Lipari was the church. This specific cathedral, Basilica Cattedrale de S. Bartolomeo, has a beautiful stairway leading up to the doors. There are long, path-like stairs that feel like they’ll never end, but you know you’re heading toward a masterpiece. When I entered the cathedral I was blown away by a beautiful alter where you can light a candle. I can only image how old this alter was, but it looked in pristine shape with it’s glistening gold. All the churches I came across in Italy were absolutely beautiful. The history and passion that occurred in these buildings are palpable.

Not only does Lipari have beautiful churches, but the water is absolutely breathtaking. Up by the cathedral there are amazing views of the coastline. Looking straight down from the ledges, you see just how blue the water really is. There are little tunnels with staircases that run down to the main street and the carved out windows give you a glimpse of what the island has to offer. This really is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited and I highly recommend taking the boat ride out to the island if you have a chance!

11 thoughts on “Making the leap to Lipari

  1. You’ve just given me a new destination for my Sicily trip – thanks. Looks like there weren’t too many other visitors. Is that correct or did you time your fantastic photos for when there was a quiet moment?

    1. Awesome! You will love it there. It was a pretty quiet island. The main road on the side of town with the cathedral was a little busy, but nothing like the crowds we encountered in Capri, Rome or even Palermo. Another tip: If you’re going to go to a beach, ask your hotel which one you can go to via boat. I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the beach we boated to, but it was a lot less crowded than the beaches you could just walk to. Plus, some beaches are free (ours was) and others you have to pay for. Lastly, if you can remember to ask for Bubu, he’s a great captain and a cheap boat ride to the beaches. 🙂

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