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Then and Now: Universal Orlando

Universal Globe

I love posting about my experiences at Universal Orlando and how I want to go back to see all the new additions, like Diagon Alley. But, have you realized how much has changed at Universal in the past ten years? BuzzFeed Travel shared this post showing the different rides and how the park has transformed. It’s actually pretty amazing.

With each generations, new pop culture icons and movies emerge. Attractions and rides move in and out of the park. I can bet people never would have guessed that the classic Jaws ride would be removed and replaced with a themed section in the park about a famous wizard. And Back to the Future was removed, too? The Simpsons have taken up shop in the venue that use to take millions of people back in time.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what new rides come into the park and which make their unfortunate exit. Two of the newest additions to the park are Transformers and, of course, Diagon Alley. Which rides do you think are next to go?

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