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Virginia is for Lovers… of the outdoors

I’m back from my vacation to Virginia, but just for a few days! It was great spending time with my cousin and seeing what her life is like in Lynchburg.

But what does Lynchburg have to offer, you ask? Trees, mountains and bugs. Just kidding – that’s not everything!

Lynchburg is beautiful. If you enjoy outdoor activities, Lynchburg is a place you should be visiting. You can go hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains and kayaking down the James River. There are trails along the James for hiking and biking that showcase the country and city landscapes. Take the time to visit Percival’s Island and walk the Riverwalk trails.

Like to ski, snowboard and tube? Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre welcomes people who love snow activities year-round. You can hit the snowflex slopes to ski, snowboard and tube regardless of your skill level. If you look at the top of Liberty Mountain, you’ll see the contrast of the white tracks against the green landscape.

So I’ve mentioned Liberty a lot, but why are a number of places associated with it? Liberty University has called Lynchburg home since 1971. The campus is expanding with statuesque buildings. The new School of Medicine sits atop Liberty Mountain as well because the campus has outgrown its space at the foot of the mountain.

Liberty University Building
Liberty University Building

Lynchburg may not be one of the most known or popular cities in Virginia, but it’s worth your time if you’re passing through or are looking for some outdoor activities. Downtown is even quaint! More to come on that in my next post.

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