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Hometown feeling in Downtown Lynchburg

When you think of downtown you most likely picture skyscrapers, crowded streets and honking cars. Downtown Lynchburg doesn’t have the typical downtown feel. Here you’ll find quaint restaurants, brick streets and old buildings.

One of my favorite places downtown was the restaurant Market at Main. Located on Main Street this diner-feel restaurant is located in the heart of downtown. We had breakfast here twice and the food is absolutely delicious. The pancakes and fried apples were at the top of my list.

Market at Main
Market at Main

The downtown area is being built up with new lofts and businesses. Even though the city is in revival mode, the small town feel is being kept alive. Original materials, like stone walls and wood floors, give new spaces and building in the city a touch of old charm.

The courthouse in Lynchburg sits downtown atop a hill. There’s a beautiful staircase that leads to the doors of the courthouse. At the top of the stairs, you get a beautiful view of the city and the James River. Remember those trails I told you about? They’re located downtown along the river. Check out the photos below and tell me what you think of Downtown Lynchburg!

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