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Visiting Kennebunk Beach

Kennebunk Beach, Maine

Kennebunk Beach is the main beach that travelers and locals like to frequent in the summer. There is a lot of real estate for beach goers to enjoy the sand and surf. So what should you know about Kennebunk Beach if you’re going to visit?

1. Parking is at a premium. There is very little parking near the beach. Also, I hear you need a beach parking pass to utilize the close parking. No parking pass? Well, you’ll pay $20 (US currency) to park your car for the day. My advice to you is the stay near the beach so you can walk or bike. It’ll save you $20 and the hassle of finding a space.

2. There are other beaches nearby. This beach is one of my favorites. But, if Kennebunk Beach is crowded you can walk a little ways down and check to see the crowds at Middle and Mother’s Beach. If you’re just looking to have a lazy day in the sand, this could be a good option for you. If you want to try and surf, stay at Kennebunk.

3. Search for shells and sea glass. If you like to collect shells and sea glass at the beach, try your luck here. I used my time at the beach to catch some rays, but I did see a number of people searching for personal prizes.

4. Catch some waves. These waves aren’t the waves you’ll catch in Hawaii. However, if you’ve wanted to learn how to surf it’s probably not a bad idea that you learn here. The water is cold, so don’t expect the water to feel like the Gulf. I advise that you invest in a wet suit if you sign up for surfing lessons. The surfing shops should rent them out to you with your lesson.

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