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Shopping in “The Port”

Shopping in Kennebunkport

While driving around with my 10-year-old cousin, she graciously gave my mom and me a tour of her hometown. She gave us some inside information, too. Not really, but she sure did educate us on the area of Maine she lives in.

My mom wanted to go to some of the small shops down in Kennebunkport – or as the locals call it, The Port. There are a bunch of cute shops down in the The Port that you can spend hours fluttering in and out of. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Best of Everything. The name says it all. Here you’ll find jewelry, wedding gifts, books, clothing, little trinkets and more. The prices on most items are very reasonable, unlike some of the stores around it. This is the store I spent the most time in and still felt like I didn’t get a chance to see everything.

2. Julia’s Gifts. There are a bunch of nautical-themed gifts in this shop that are flat out charming.

3. Beach Grass Shop. This is another store with a beach and sea theme. Does it surprise you at how many of these shops there are? Of course not! I fell in love with a vintage clock in this shop. The prices here are a bit up there, but not as crazy as they could be.

4. Candy Man. Who doesn’t love homemade fudge, chocolate, salt water taffy and penny candy?

5. Zen and Company. If you’re into the zen life, this shop is for you. The staff here is super friendly and engaging. They even have a dog in the shop! What can get more zen than taking a shopping break to pet a dog?

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