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A roadtrip gone wrong


With Labor Day upon us and holiday travel in full force, road trips are a popular way to get to your destination. Unfortunately, everything can’t go as planned when you’re on vacation. Weather gets in the way and halts your outdoor activities. People can become ill. Events happen that are completely out of your control. So what do you do then? You roll with the punches.

I dealt with this while visiting Virginia. The first half of the trip went off without a hitch. My cousin was a great tour guide and travel companion. If you remember from my initial post about my Virginia trip, we were planning on spending some time at the beach.

Well, we drove three hours to get to Norfolk. With 18 miles left, we hit standstill traffic. Standstill traffic turned into a parking lot on the highway. The Hampton Roads Tunnel was about a mile in front of us and no one was moving through, but no one knew why. After about an hour of waiting for traffic to start moving, we found out the tunnel was closed for maintenance. All weekend.

Frustration sets in and, of course, you feel some anger! But you have to make the best of every situation. So what did we do?

1. We turned around. That evening we had plans to go to the Washington Redskins Training Camp in Richmond. We canceled our hotel in Norfolk and booked a hotel on the fly in Richmond, changing our plan entirely.

2. We made random plans. We essentially had our beach weekend all planned out. This time around, we decided what we were going to do spontaneously. To add to this, the weather didn’t really cooperate. When it rains, it pours.

3. We laughed. I think this is what really got us through the frustration. You have to laugh at yourself and the situation. You can’t control life. Take it for what it’s worth and make the best of it.

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