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Cedar Point Squashes the Mantis

On September 1, Cedar Point announced that it would be closing down the stand-up roller coaster, Mantis. The ride opened on May 11, 1996 and, since it’s inaugural ride, it has thrill more than 22 million Ride Warriors.

The question becomes: What’s next? Cedar Point tends to build a new coaster every other year. Last year, the park introduced the Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream. In 2013, it was GateKeeper. It looks like the Ohio amusement park is due for a new roller coaster.

Back when Lebron James was deciding whether or not to come back to Cleveland, which he did (Go Cavs!), Cedar Point said they would rename a roller coaster after King James if he returned to his hometown. No coaster has been renamed for the basketball star, but one can let thoughts wander. Will Cedar Point build a new coaster to  be debuted in 2015 named after LBJ?

Time will tell what will happen with the Mantis closing and the promise to rename a coaster after Lebron. If you want to take one last ride on Mantis, be sure to get here quickly. The final ride will happen on October 19. Keep in mind the park is now only running weekend hours!

I leave you with a couple questions. Will you miss Mantis? What do you want to see replace the once record-breaking ride? Share in the comments!

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