Airline News: Spirit Airlines coming to Cleveland

Back in February, I talked about United Airlines closing its hub at my local airport (Cleveland Hopkins International). This was a heartbreaker. I’ve recently begun feeling the sting of this depature. When traveling to Orlando in the past, there were always a lot of direct flights from Cleveland or Orlando. I just went to Orlando for work (and am going again in less than two weeks) and the early morning flight is really the only direct flight from United. The flight takes two hours. Who wants a layover for such a short flight?

Sigh. I’ll get off my soapbox.

Today Spirit Airlines announced that they’ll be “bringing their talents to Cleveland.” I already love their humor! The hope that Spirit brings is to drive the cost of flights down when departing/arriving in Cleveland. With airlines leaving, costs have risen. If they can help reserve this trend, they are a friend to me.

Spirit will be adding those lovely daily direct flights that I absolutely love starting January 15. Where to exactly?

  • Orlando
  • Tampa Bay
  • Fort Myers

After the initial January 15 launch Spirit will be adding flights to Dallas, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles and Myrtle Beach.

More to come on my initial analysis of Spirit Airlines. For now, I am super excited about the new addition to Cleveland Hopkins and can’t wait to see how this (hopefully) improves travel in and out of this city.

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