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Roadtrip from Ohio to Maine

Are you a road trip person? I must say I have never really been one who enjoys road trips. We all have our limit when it comes to sitting in a car. Driving from Cleveland to Chicago, which is around 6 hours, is something I can handle. When my mom and I decided we were going to drive all the way to Maine from Cleveland, I was a bit apprehensive.

To get from Ohio to Maine really isn’t a difficult drive. It’s just a long one. Here are the numbers from our trip:

  • About 720 miles
  • 11-12 hours one way (dependent on traffic)
  • Six hours traveling west to east through New York


Traveling through New York

As you see above, I pointed out that traveling through the state of New York takes six hours. Why do I point this out to you? As a kind forewarning. This was the most difficult part of the trip because it seemed like you would never get out of New York. And I’m not talking New York City.

Upstate New York doesn’t have the sky scrapers you associate with the city. For six, long hours we enjoyed the view of trees. Many, many trees. Not that trees are a bad thing! But road trips tend to get boring and when your scenery doesn’t change, time stands still.

Turnpike tolls: Have your cash ready

In Ohio, we still can drive on our highways for free. I hope it stays that way! We do have the turnpike in which you have to pay when you enter and exit the turnpike. However, driving through Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, you better have your cash ready.

Toll booths line the roadways. To get completely across the state of New York, we paid just shy of $20. When we made it to Maine, we were up to almost (or just above) $40. When did roads get to be so expensive to drive on?

Even though I would complain about paying the tolls, the roads were well kept and clean. If the money paid at these tolls really goes to keeping the roads in good condition, there’s no reason to not support it. It just feels like an inconvenience when traveling.

Closing thoughts

I may not be a road trip queen at heart, but I hope to grow my tolerance of traveling via car. Here are some questions for you all:

1. What advice do you have for people going on road trips?
2. What’s your favorite thing about going on a road trip?
3. Where was your favorite road trip? Why was it your favorite?
4. What is that essential item you need when going on a road trip?

Leave your answers in the comments or tweet at me! @tripintotravel


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