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What to expect when visiting Canobie Lake Park


When traveling to Maine, my cousins wanted to go to an amusement park in Salem, New Hampshire. Being from Ohio, I think of Cedar Point when the term “amusement park” is thrown into the conversation. I was forewarned that Canobie Lake Park was not like Cedar Point, and that’s okay! Not all parks have to have 17 roller coasters to be awesome

Canobie Lake Park is a family friendly park for kids of all ages. My cousins were 13 and 10 at the time and both found a number of rides to go on. So what can you expect when you go to Canobie Lake?

1. Smaller, but fun, coasters: There are three roller coasters at Canobie Lake. The Yankee Cannonball is a wooden coaster that takes you on a 60 second ride. The Corkscrew is exactly what it sounds like. My favorite coaster was Untamed. Staring at the sky, you go straight up the 72 foot hill and straight back down.

2. Water rides: If you like to get soaked, Canobie Lake has some water rides for you. The two main water rides in the park are two log flumes. The Boston Tea Party will get you and your friends soaking wet, so wear a poncho if you don’t want to walk around the park dripping wet the rest of the day!

3. And a water park: Castaway Island is in Canobie Lake and is included in your daily admission of $36. Be sure to bring your swim suit because you must have on the proper attire to enjoy the water park.

4. Classic and kiddie rides: You’ll find bumper cars, old fashioned cars, swings and Ferris wheel at Canobie, too. If your kid doesn’t like roller coasters, this is the park for you. You won’t be paying a high ticket price for them to get in and sit around while others enjoy the metal giants.

Driving from Kennebunk, Maine it took us about an hour and a half to get to the park. I recommend if you have younger kids that you take a day trip to Canobie Lake Park and enjoy the fun!

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