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Australia: A Place That Inspires You To Feel Strong And Hopeful

Guest post by Rose Marlo

Australia is an amazing country with a lot to offer. It is known the world over for its unique species that are found nowhere else in the world. The country has one of the largest capitalist economies in the world with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $1.525 trillion as of 2014. Australia owns about 1.7% of the world economy. With a population of 23,626,171 people as of 26th September 2014 at 16:10:02, Canberra time, (Population Clock Australian Bureau of Statistics) the country has a GDP per capita of $67,722. Few though know the history of this great nation.

Australian History

Some 50,000 years ago, Australia’s aboriginal population is believed to have arrived from South East Asia during the last Ice Age by boat. Until the time when the European continent was discovered and settled on, there were about one million Aboriginal people who largely practiced hunting and gathering.

Social Economics

The population was scattered in about three hundred (300) clans speaking two hundred and fifty (250) languages and seven hundred (700) dialects. Each clan had some sort of spiritual connection to a specific piece of land although they travelled a lot to trade, for totemic and ritual gatherings and to find cyclic yields and water.


The land is diverse, tropical rain forests, outback deserts, snowcapped mountains but one thing remains the same throughout: the Aboriginal’s believe in the timeless, a magical realm of Dreamtime. According to myth, the totemic ancestral spirits forged all aspects of life during the dreamtime of the world’s creation. These ancestors still connect the past, present and future natural phenomena.

British Convicts

In the 17th century, many European explorers sailed the coast of what was then known as New Holland. It was however, Captain James Cook who claimed the East Coast for Britain in 1770. On 26th January 1778, the country was put to use as a penal colony. This saw the arrival of 11 ships at the Sydney Harbor with 1,500 people half of whom were convicts. For the next exact nine (9) decades, about 160,000 convicted men and women were brought to Australia.

Gender Disproportion

The Penal transportation ended in 1868 and free settlers began flowing in around 1790. Prisoners were however treated harshly and male re-offenders would be hung for petty offences such as stealing. At the time though, there were five men to one woman and this posed a sexual exploitation threat on the women. The Aboriginals on the other hand died of “imported” diseases and were dispossessed of their land.


The discovery of gold in Central Victoria and New South whales in 1851 lured thousands of British settlers, Chinese immigrants and a frenzied cavalcade of illicit liquor sellers, quacks, prostitutes and entertainers. This led to the bloody anti-authoritarian Eureka Stockade on 1854 in Victoria when the British Governor tried to impose order. Despite the Goldfield carnage, gold and wool created wealth that built Sydney and Melbourne into 1880s modern cities. Being an isolated Island, the country decided to build their own industries and manufacture their own machines including the early cars and planes.

By 1896 Australia had steam cars known as Phaeton. The models were made by Herbert Thomson and Edward Holmes. In 1900 Dunlop made the country’s first pneumatic tires. A Phaeton model is on display at the Institute of Applied Sciences, while the sole surviving Tarrant, a 1901 car, is on display at RACV City Club. This and many more are the historical evidences of Australia’s rise to the top that await those who have Australian Visas.

Who’s behind this great article?


I’m Rose Marlo from Manchester, UK .I’m a traveler, a part-time worker, part-time blogger and a full time magazine editor. I like traveling because it gives us chance to learn new things, it helps me to discover new ways of living. Travel makes me brave, it creates connection and it makes you to discover the world. Right now am working for Australian Visa.



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