My favorite part about travel


When you decide to go on a trip, what do you base your decision on? I know I take into account the landmarks I want to see, the climate at the time of the trip, the safety of the location and activities you can take part in. You go to these different locations and you have the amazing opportunity to do all the things that you plan. You get to experience other cultures and try new, exciting things. Out of all that, how do you choose a favorite part?

Well, I’d have to say that the things listed above are not my favorite part about traveling. Why, you ask? After attending a conference this week, I realized that my favorite part of traveling are the people you get to meet. These people share their stories with you and you get to learn from them. I had the opportunity to meet a number of awesome people at this conference and am forever thankful for that.

Just think — If you were to go on a trip and no one was around, how would your experience be different? People make a huge difference in your experiences whether or not you realize it at the time.

Think back to some of your favorite trips. Sure, the Colosseum left a huge impression on me all on its own. But I was also able to experience it with two of my closest friends and share my excitement with people who matter to me.

When you go on your solo trips, do you really hang out alone 100% of the time? No. You meet new people along the way and make lifelong friends. These people are the ones you share some of your fondest memories with. How could we ever discount that? I don’t think we can take the people we meet along the way for granted.

I know putting yourself out there can be intimidating and, at times, scary. But my advice to you is to open yourself up to others around you. Be welcoming and engage. People were meant to interact! So many of us spend our time buried in our smart phones and tablets. Look up, make eye contact and exchange a smile. You never know who you will meet and what you will learn from them.

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