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15 Real Northeast Ohio Haunted Places

In the spirit of Halloween, it’s time to start sharing articles about haunted places. Let’s start with my home city, Cleveland. When I was in high school, my friends and I use to find scary places to go. Were they really haunted? No, probably not. But the fear of the unknown was enough to give us the shivers. But what if those places were really haunted.

The Cleveland Scene put out this article: 15 Real Northeast Ohio Haunted Places. Some that jump out at me are:

1. Old Chestnut Grove Cemetery: Who wants to be haunted by a witch that was buried and possibly executed at this graveyard? Not it!

2. Lima TB Hospital: Hospitals are scary enough when there are people working in them. Abandoned hospitals give me the creeps.

3. Mansfield Reformatory: This one has gained national attention on ghost hunting shows and is the setting for Shawshank Redemption. You never know what crime the ghosts following you committed. Good luck if you go to this one!

All the places on the list are creepy in their own right. Enter at your own risk! You never know what, or who, you’ll run into.

Image courtesy of Google Images 

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