My 2015 Wish List: Places I’d Love to See This Year

When it comes to travel we all have a wish list. At the start of the year, I can bet all of us sit down and think about all the places we would like to see this year. Unfortunately, we all have our limits. We have our home lives, work lives, financial limits and more. So how do we decide where to go?

Well, it all starts with the overall wish list. I’m creating this list with the hopes of making a handful of these trips realized in 2015. So let’s begin!

London, England

I really want to make it to London this year. In 2014, I didn’t go on an international trip. I don’t think it’s an unrealistic goal for me to go on a trip abroad every other year, or each year, from this point forward. I hope 2015 is the year for London.

I want to see all the tourist sights like the Tower of London, Westminister Abbey and the London Eye. But I also want to have a Harry Potter spin to my trip. I talked about this in a previous post. There seems like there’s so much to do in London and it looks like I need to get my research underway!

Boston, Massachusetts 

In 2014, I was able to travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts for a quick business trip. I unfortunately didn’t have time to explore — plus it was December and cold! My best friend and I want to get to Boston this spring or summer for a little girls trip. I foresee a lot of girls trips this year.

Washington D.C., Maryland

Another girls trip! We’ve been discussing going to D.C. for probably a year now and it’s about time to make it happen. Me and my new camera would love the shots we’d get of the Nation’s Capital. Plus, I watch Scandal. It’s time to do D.C., Olivia Pope style.

Nashville, Tennessee 

I love country music and I don’t get enough of the country music scene in Cleveland. Broadway, The Grand Ole Opry and the chance to see country royalty all sound like a good time to me. This place seems to be flooded with events year round.

Las Vegas, Nevada 

My cousin recently moved to Vegas. A free place to stay and someone who knows the city makes a great vacation. Plus, Britney Spears extended her concert dates. Even more reason to see Sin City!

Boca Raton, Florida

More of my family has moved in 2014 and it’s a necessity that I pay them a visit. Don’t you think? I’ve been to Orlando plenty of times, but that’s really the only place in the state I’ve visited. I haven’t experienced the Florida beaches and it’s about time I change that. Who can refuse time on a beach and a boat? Not this girl.

9 thoughts on “My 2015 Wish List: Places I’d Love to See This Year

  1. I just got back from a semester abroad in London and absolutely loved it. If there’s any thing you can do to expand your world vision – it’s definitely traveling and London has been BY FAR one of my favorite cities. I was in Boston earlier in the year for the first time and found it so enlightening to see the roots of my own country. A must too! Best of luck to you in your adventures! Xx

    1. I am so jealous that you studied abroad in London. That must have been amazing! What were some of your favorite tourist spots? Hidden spots? And I can’t wait to get back to Boston. I was only able to see the city through the window of my taxi to and from the airport. I need more! 🙂

      I can’t wait to dive into your blog!

  2. Boca Raton is a GREAT city! I live here and love it! Deerfield Beach is very close and is also a must visit if you like the chill beach life.

      1. There are a lot of great parks to visit off A1A, Red Reef is a nice one. Boca Beaches are outstanding, very clean! I suggest Mizner Park for dinner and drinks. There are a lot of nice places to choose from and some nights live music!

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