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Cedar Point Rumors: True or False

At the end of the 2014 season we said goodbye to Mantis so it could be renovated into a new coaster: Rougarou. This in itself is exciting news. I talked about this in a previous post.

I may, or may not, have more exciting news for you Ride Warriors of the world. There’s a rumor spreading on the local news of Cleveland televisions. Are you ready for it? There may be a Dive Coaster coming to the Roller Coast. That’s right!

“The Sandusky Register says they obtained a memo that originated from a coaster company, which indicates a $15 Dive Coaster is among the park’s plans for 2016,” says an article from WKYC. The details in the memo show that the coaster will be record breaking.

The ride would be 223 feet with a vertical drop that sends you into a tunnel. Riders would tackle 3,625 feet of track at a maximum speed of 80 mph.

I really can’t hide my excitement right now and hope these rumors turn into a reality for the 2016 season! I’ll keep my eye on this, folks. A Dive Coaster sure would look great on that skyline, wouldn’t it?

Image from Google Images

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