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Spirit Airlines: Bare Fare Hesitations

Spirits Airlines has found a home in Cleveland. But, I must say I am hesitant to fly them. Why? Let’s talk.

1. Bare Fare: This concept sounds great. Spirit’s largest expense, along with other airlines, is fuel. So this Bare Fare concept helps cover the cost of fuel. You get to bring a personal item. But the fine print is that the personal item is not your standard carry on bag. Your personal item must not be larger than 16” x 14” x 12”. It’s really not much larger than a small backpack, states their website.

2. Bags don’t fly free: Normally that’s the case, unless you’re Southwest Airlines. However, normally your carry on flies for free. Need an actual size carry on? That’s more money. Are you going on a longer trip and need to pack an actual 50 lb. bag? That’s more money. Why? Because the more a plane weighs, the more fuel it needs. The more fuel it needs, the more money Spirit needs to fork over. With each dollar Spirit needs to fork over, you need to fork over more money. All the little add-on prices can really sink your pocketbook.

3. An even smaller Economy: Spirit seems to pack you in like sardines. Their website even calls out that they’re “light on legroom.” If they’re lighter on legroom than United and U.S. Airways, that concerns me. It’s already hard enough to get comfortable on the big airlines with the limited space for your legs. And their seats don’t recline. Yikes.

4. And you get nothing to drink: That’s really all airlines give us for “free” these days. It’s a small thing, but if you’re on a long flight and are looking for a refreshment you better be prepared to buy it.

So my hesitations are still lingering. Have you flown with Spirit? How was your experience? Share in the comments below or on Twitter! @tripintotravel

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