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Hotel Review: Marriott Village Orlando

I will not lie, I’m a Marriott fan. They offer so many different types of hotels, from budget-friendly to luxury. I’ve had the opportunity to stay in a handful of different types of their offerings. But today I want to focus on the Marriott Village at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, Florida.

The location

If you’re visiting Disney, the location of these hotels are great. You’re about seven minutes from Downtown Disney without traffic. With traffic during prime hours like dinner, you should give yourself extra time. You won’t be staying on Disney grounds, but you’ll be very close. The Marriott Village also offered free transportation to select locations, mostly Disney-owned properties that I remember. I was there for a business trip, so did not use the hotel transportation.

If you’re going to Orlando to visit Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, it’ll take a bit longer to get there. Google Maps says it’ll take you about 15 minutes. With traffic, expect that to be at least double that. All in all, I would say this location is great if you’re visiting the parks,

The cost

This is definitely a budget-friendly hotel. Costs in the off season range from $87-$109 a night. Why the price range? Well, the Marriott Village has three Marriott hotels: Courtyard, Spring Hill Suites and Fairfield Inn. The Courtyard is the most renovated, so this one will cost you a bit more. Fairfield is the middle ground and Spring Hill is your least expensive.

I stayed at Fairfield when I visited and I couldn’t complain. The room was nice. The lobby was open and welcoming. Free breakfast was offered and there was a good variety of food. The only thing, if you can call it a complaint, is that if you need to go to the “market” to purchase something (aka a razor or medicine), you have to walk over to the Courtyard. Realistically, it’s a few steps away.

The food options

I loved the options for food here. They make it simple. Like I said, complementary breakfast was offered. Awesome way to save money when you’re park hopping! There was a little cafe that had a few cheap food options: Pizza Hut, a grill, a sandwich place and a snack bar. If you’re looking for a quiet night in, this is the best option. After long days at a conference, this was definitely my go-to option.

Another great food option is in walking distance,  but not on the grounds. Cross over the parking lot and you’ll be in a little strip mall that has a few food options. The one I visited was BJ’s Brewhouse. I’m a simple person when it comes to food. I went to dinner here solo one night and truly enjoyed my experience there. The food was delicious, even if it was your typical bar food. It was definitely well made. If I remember correctly, a Bahama Breeze was in the complex as well. A Longhorn Steakhouse isn’t too far away either.

The final say

If you’re looking for a family and budget friendly hotel that’s in a pretty central location to both Disney and Universal grounds, this could be your option. There are pools, onsite dining options, money saving opportunities with free breakfast and transportation, and more.

If you want something more upscale, I recommend going somewhere else. There are pools, but they didn’t look luxurious. If you like room service, I don’t remember this being an option. If you’re looking to up your hotel game, stay at a Disney hotel or a Universal hotel. They give you perks for your stay at the parks, but you’ll pay more for a place to lounge and sleep.

Have you stayed at this Marriott Village? What was your opinion?

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