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A Peek into Downtown Cleveland: East 4th

Believe it or not, there is a lot to do in Cleveland, Ohio. And there’s a big punch packed into one street in downtown, East 4th. Bars, restaurants and comedy all in one place. What’s that mean? You can make a whole night out of one single blocked off street. Here’s a peek at your options when visiting East 4th.

  1. Butcher and the Brewer is one of the newest staples on this street and it’s well worth the stop. You’ll run into crowds on Saturday nights, but you’ll run into them anywhere on this street. Their food is delicious, including something as simple as the mac and cheese. There’s an in-house butcher that you can see while hanging out at the bar. You can’t miss the brewery in the back of the place. And one of the most unique bathrooms I’ve come by in a while resides here, too. I won’t spoil it for you!
  2. Cleveland Clothing Co. is the go-to place for your Cleveland swag. Whether you’re looking for Browns, Tribe or Cavs gear, you can find it here.
  3. The Corner Alley is food and fun rolled up into one. When booking a reservation for dinner, be sure to reserve a bowling lane. Take your drinks with you from the table to the lanes and do your best to bowl a perfect game.
  4. Hilarities is your one stop shop for laughs. Great comedians, like Kevin Nealson, come through these doors and entertain the people of Cleveland. You can also make a reservation for Pickwick & Frolic for dinner, it’s under the same roof as the comedians!
  5. House of Blues attracts talented artists from around the country. Get your music fix here after a dinner, or just grab a drink with your friends and take in the tunes.
  6. Lola is a city favorite. Chef Michael Symon has taken the Cleveland food scene by storm, and we all love it. If you’re looking for a great dinner for a date or a night out with your friends, stop a Lola. You won’t regret it.
Image from: http://bats.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/10/04/cleveland-is-like-trendy/?_r=0

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