I’m headed to San Francisco!

I am super excited to share that I’ll be heading to San Francisco, California in June. I’ve wanted to get out to San Fran for a long time now and finally have the opportunity. Luckily, I’m one of the people who get to travel sporadically for their work. The first couple days of the trip are for work and I’ve extended my stay to hang out and explore the city.

The big question becomes: What will I do? One thing for sure is visiting Alcatraz. I’m a nerd and followed all the ghost shows and consistently saw Alcatraz on the list. This has always made me want to go. I don’t have the guts to do a ghost hunt, but I can’t wait to see the views of the city from The Rock.

Of course I’m excited to see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. No, not only see it, but walk it! I’ll be staying near Fisherman’s Wharf and hear this is a place I must visit. Other than this, I’m flying blind.

That’s where you come in. What do you think I should see? Where do you think I should go? I won’t have a car, so I can’t go on long excursions. Share your must-see attractions and places in the comments below. Help me plan a fun trip to the West Coast!


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