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Hotel Review: Parrot Key Resort

Parrot Key Resort in Key West, Florida is an amazing hotel located 2.5 miles outside of Historic Old Key West. For people who want to experience both the nightlife and relaxing features of Key West, I recommend staying at Parrot Key. Here’s why.

The location

The hotel may be off the main road leading into Key West, but you would never know it. All the rooms are nestled in palm trees, shielding guests from the hustle and bustle. You’re also in walking distance of a few restaurants and a Walgreen’s. With a quick cab ride, you’re in the center of the action on Duval Street. Enjoy the bars, live music and restaurants that everyone talks about. At the end of the night, you can escape back to your quiet hotel room.

The amenities

Want to hang out by the pool? There are four pools to choose from. My friend and I had a pool to ourselves for basically five hours. That’s unheard of at a resort! We also had a couple rainy days when visiting, but we were still able to enjoy the day out on our porch. Each room has a porch and chairs. The poolside bar served breakfast until noon, which was awesome. And the food was delicious.

The room

I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels in my life. The beds at this hotel were unbelievably comfortable. Probably the most comfortable I’ve experienced at a hotel. We stayed in a standard two queen room and it was spacious. The bathroom was a good size, too. If you want a water view, you’ll pay a bit extra. But if you want an awesome view of the Gulf of Mexico, it’s worth it.

The final say

I really enjoyed this hotel and can’t wait to stay here again. The staff was wonderful and the price was decent. It’s the perfect place to relax in Key West! Here are some more pictures that show you the character of the hotel.


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