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Hotel Review: Parrot Key Resort

Parrot Key Resort in Key West, Florida is an amazing hotel located 2.5 miles outside of Historic Old Key West. For people who want to experience both the nightlife and relaxing features of Key West, I recommend staying at Parrot Key. Here's why. The location The hotel may be off the main road leading into… Continue reading Hotel Review: Parrot Key Resort

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Countdown: Favorite Coastal Towns

It's Beach Week on Travel Channel! With all the rankings of beaches that will be playing across the channel, I thought it would only be appropriateĀ if I shared some of my favorite coastalĀ cities. So here is the countdown, starting with number six. 6. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina I use to go here as a kid… Continue reading Countdown: Favorite Coastal Towns

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Restaurant Review: Menotomy Grill and Tavern

I went to Cambridge, Massachusetts for a quick business trip and had the opportunity to go to the new Menotomy Grill and Tavern in Arlington, MA. So what did I think of the place? The Food Every bite I took was absolutely delicious. I ordered the marinated steak tips with Parmesan french fries and asked… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Menotomy Grill and Tavern